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Candy is Dandy, But Liquor is Quicker.

14th May, 2013. 8:15 pm. Sometimes I think I need therapy

So my life seems like it is a game show sometimes. I am irritated that I seem un able to win. I know that there are a lot of things that I have brought upon myself. But that does not matter it is not why I am on here. I am on here to bitch about all the crazy stuff going on in my life and the stuff that is about to happen. First thing, I really wish Mike was making more of an effort to find a job. I am half tempted to start applying for places for him myself. I know it is hard to do with the kids around and all that jazz. Also it would be nice if he cleaned more often. Not that I am not guilty of being lazy and not cleaning. I just don't want to resent my husband for seeming like he is doing nothing all day while I am at work. If there was some ligitamite way he could work from home that would be awesome but not as far as I know. Secondly, Jackie was supposd to be out of here about 3-6 months after she moved in. It has now been a year. I dread all the time that we may lose this house we love so much because we are breaking our lease by letting her stay here. Also we really need the room she is staying in back so that Honor can have his own space and Phina can be out of our room. I still have no clue how to start that conversation though since I know she is not getting many hours at work. It is just that this was supposed to be a temporary situation and it doesn't feel like it is temporary any more. Also on the rare occasion that her and Mike physically touch I get a twang of unhappiness from the past situation. Third thing that is bugging me about my life is that Leyna, Mike and Kevin will be down here in about a month and I am not sure I am ready for it. The idea of having to see and deal with Kevin is not a happy one for me. I want to cry just thinking about it. I wish that I could feel happy for her and her choices but it hurts sometimes. I am not sure how I am gonna react to seeing him again. I think that is about all that is on my mind which is about my personal life.

Current mood: confused.

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27th August, 2012. 12:36 pm. Rant

So today should've been a great day. I found out ronin got into preschool and that Phina is growing ok but I am currently hiding in my room crying. Why you might ask, because I am embarrassed and irritated at the world. First I went to Safeway and was all excited about havIng roast for dinner and was picking up all the stuff I would need and could get it because I had a $6 WIC check with me. But when I got uP to the register I was informed they potatoes are not allowed so I gave those back and then after that he rung up my other veggies. He went to run the check and it said invalid item. By this time there were 3 people in line behind me. He had to call a manager over and restart the whole transaction since single celery was not allowed either. So by this point I am throghly embarrassed because not only am I holding up the line people know I am using WIC which means I am poor, which I don't like peoPle to know. The. After I get everything done and use my last $2 to buy some of the potatoes I go to sit down and do the one fun thing I was going out to do which is uplodding pics from Phina's party to Facebook. At which time it takes me 15 mins to get the damn comouter to connect and then once I grabbed the screaming phina out of the cart while people are looking at me as if I am crazy and get the damn thing to connect to Facebook the battery dies and the only plug is being used. So I left Safeway and headed home. Called mike to tell him what is going on and my headset dies while I am talking to him. I then get home to find out that Jackie has gotten one of the jobs that we both applied for. There were 45 positions but since I am already in a bad place the fact that she got one of the positions before me and that I have a lot experience pisses me off.

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22nd February, 2009. 8:27 am.

SO I have been gone for awhile mainly due to computer and internet issues. So for those of you who want to see pictures of my life for the last couple of months, I have a website for you, mainly this is Sonia. If you want to join mywebsite just push the join button.


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11th October, 2008. 6:50 pm. New pic of Ronin and Honor

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2nd October, 2008. 9:56 pm. The World Welcomes Ronin

So for all of those you haven't heard yet Ronin was born on Tuesday Sept. 30th at 6:11am.

His Full Name is Ronin Gary Higgins.

He was 8lbs 3 ounces at Birth and was 21 inches long.
He was born with a full head of black hair.

He is currently still in the hospital as he had a small problem with his lungs at birth but will be being released tomorrow.

Here is a link to some pics:

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2nd October, 2008. 9:53 pm. Book Meme

Book Meme
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

That'd be more use.

Book The Golden Compass

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15th September, 2008. 12:26 pm. Ranting and updates

So I have decided that I am going to do a little rant. None of this is anything of any real importance.

So first of all, when I first got pregnant the doctors were convinced that I was gonna have the baby atleast a week early if not two. They stayed convinced of this until last week. They kept telling me this which is the annoying part. So last week at my appointment, which was two weeks prior to my due date, they tell me that I shouldn't have the baby until atleast midway through this week if not later. Of course they didn't seem to be phased at all by the fact that they had been telling me he would be early this whole time and now they think he will be perfectly on time, if not late. This would be all fine and dandy if I hadn't had my maternity leave start a week early just in case...if they are right this time then I could've worked atleast one more week. Damn Doctors, I need the money so I can pay you! Well that is my rant about the doctors and the pregnancy.

In other news, Honor seems to be adjusting to school a little better now. He has two friends names Lucas and Caroline. Also the neighbor boy Dakota has started trying to be friends with him, though Honor doesn't really seem to care all that much about Dakota. As for school functions and such, he will be having an eval with the school's shrink in Dec and we will have to set a new IEP at that time, which from what I can tell is not a fun process. We still do not have legal custody, but hopefully we will have the money to fix that in the next week or so. He will be having his school pictures taken on Thursday. I think that is about all the big happens that deal with Honor.

Mike had to work this morning. He is getting trained as an opener so that he can open on weekends. He is also taking his vacation this week in order to get things ready for the baby's arrival. He is off the 17th through the 21st, which we also scheduled that way because of the damn doctors telling me the baby would come early. In other news he will be starting at SPSCC winter quarter, which will be good for him. He needs to get some college education.

As for me, I am on Maternity leave from the 17th until Dec. 11th. So if anyone wants to come visit I would love the company. Also the christmas party will be on Dec. 10th or atleast that is the tentative date.

I guess that is about all...

Current mood: bored.

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15th September, 2008. 12:25 pm. Bubble Bat Boy Attack!

Current mood: bored.

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3rd September, 2008. 11:08 pm.

Better Bump Pic:

Here is a pic of me:

Me and Bride

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3rd September, 2008. 8:55 am. LIfe

So Honor is at his first day of 3rd grade today!

Above is how he looked this morning. He wasn't quite awake yet.

Everything is going well with the baby as of today, since he is head down now!

Some people on here wanted to see a pic of me prego so here it is.

I guess that is about it!

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